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The Bank is an issuer in Chile of securities registered and regulated by the Commission for the Financial Market (Comisión para el Mercado Financiero or the "CMF"). Shares of our common stock are traded on the Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago, or the Santiago Stock Exchange, and the Bolsa Electrónica de Chile, or Electronic Stock Exchange, which we jointly refer to as the 

"Chilean Stock Exchanges", under the symbol "ITAUCORP". The Bank’s American Depositary Shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "ITCB". Accordingly, we are currently required to file quarterly and annual reports in Spanish and issue hechos esenciales o relevantes (notices of essential or material events) to the CMF, and provide copies of such reports and notices to the Chilean Stock Exchanges and the SEC. All such reports are available at www.cmf.cl, www.sec.gov and in this site. 

Itaú Chile Headquarters - Santiago, Chile

What is the Bank current market position in Chile?

March 31, 2024

Market Share Ranking1
Total loans 9.6%
      Commercial loans 10.5%
      Consumer loans 8.7%
      Residential mortgage loans 8.4%
Total deposits 9.1%

1 Among private banks.

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What is the Bank's current payout ratio?

The actual amount of dividends will depend on, among other factors, our current level of net income, capital and legal reserve requirements, as well as market conditions. We cannot guarantee the amount or timing of future dividends. For purposes of capital requirements, annual dividends are provisioned at 30%.

Banco Itaú Chile paid its last annual dividend of Ch$492.1220373098 / share in Chile on April 30, 2024. The dividend payout ratio was 30% of 2023 Net Income, equivalent to a dividend yield of 5.16%.

The following table shows dividends per share distributed during the past five years:

Charge to Fiscal Year Year paid Net Income (Ch$mn)1 % Distributed Dividend per Share (Ch$)
100% 0.2479770771
0% 0.00000000
2021 2022 277,806 30% 0.0856089775
433,744 30% 0.1336629158920
354.887 30% 492.1220373098
1- Net Income Attributable to Shareholders (Accounting)
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When are dividends paid?

  • Dividends are paid once they are approved at the annual general shareholders meeting. On the following day, dividends are wired to checking accounts or paid through cashier's checks.
  • Wires to Banco Itaú Chile checking accounts and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) are on the following day of the dividend approval.
  • Wires to other banks (non RTGS) are wired on the following day of the dividend approval.
  • Cashier’s checks can be claimed at any branch during the 7-day period after the date of the dividend approval. After this period, dividend payment has to be requested at DCV Registros.
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Can I have my dividends wired directly into my checking account?

Yes, you can request payment to your checking account in any bank that you have registered at DCV Registros.

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Who should I contact if I don't receive my dividends?

  • Contact Banco Itaú Chile Investor Relations
    Tel: +56 2 2660 1701
  • Contact DCV Registros
    Email: atencionaccionistas@dcv.cl
    Tel: +56 2 2393 9003
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Who can I request a certificate with my share ownership?

Request to DCV Registros at atencionaccionistas@dcv.cl | Tel: +56 2 2393 9003

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How can I get my printed Banco Itaú Chile shares?

Request to DCV Registros at atencionaccionistas@dcv.cl |Tel: +56 2 2393 9003

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When is the Bank’s next general shareholder meeting?

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2024.

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What is the daily volume traded of the Bank’s at stock exchanges?

The average daily traded volumes in LTM ended March 31, 2024 was US$1,960.1 million in the Santiago Stock Exchange.

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What are the Bank’s credit risk ratings?

On a global scale, Banco Itaú Chile is rated by two worldwide recognized agencies: Moody's Investors Service ('Moody's') and Standard & Poor's Global Ratings ('Standard & Poor's' or 'S&P').

Moody's Rating
Long term Counterparty Risk Rating (CRR) A2
Long-term foreign currency deposits A3
Long-term foreign currency debt A3
Short-term foreign currency deposits Prime-2
Outlook Stable
Standard & Poor's Rating
Long-term issuer credit rating BBB+
Senior unsecured bonds BBB+
Short-term issuer credit rating A-2
Outlook Negative

On the national scale, the Bank is rated by Feller Rate Clasificadora de Riesgo Ltda. ("Feller Rate") and by International Credit Rating Compañía Clasificadora de Riesgo Ltda. (“ICR Chile”).

Feller Rate Rating
Long-term issuer credit rating AA+
Senior unsecured bonds AA+
Letter of credit AA+
Long-term deposits AA+
Subordinated bonds AA
Short-term deposits Nivel 1+
Shares 1a Clase Nivel 1
Outlook Stable
ICR Chile Rating
Solvency AA+
Short-term deposits (up to 1 year) N1+
Long-term deposits (more than 1 year) AA+
Letters of Credit AA+
Bonds AA+
Subordinated bonds AA
Outlook Stable
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What are the Bank's current capitalization ratios?

As of March 31, 2024, our capital ratios are:
BIS ratio (Regulatory Capital / Risk-weighted assets)1 15.03%
Core Capital Ratio (ex-goodwill)2 10.76%

Notes: (1) BIS Ratio= Regulatory capital / RWA, according to current CMF definitions.
(2) Core Capital = Capital Básico according to current CMF definitions aplied from 4Q21.

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Where can I obtain more information?

Banco Itaú Chile Investor Relations Contact Information:
Claudia Labbé Montevecchi
Head of IR and Chief Sustainability Officer

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What are the dates of your results releases ?

Please, refer to our calendar events available in the following link:

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What are the Corporate Contact areas?

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On what stock exchanges are Banco Itaú Chile shares traded?

Banco Itaú Chile is traded at the Santiago Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago) and at the Chilean Electronic Exchange (Bolsa Electrónica de Chile).

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