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Itaú Corpbanca Headquarters – Santiago, Chile

In order to impart knowledge and complement our offering of financial services, we developed the Business Advisory Program, an initiative that provides value for our SME customers.

Review the content of each module.

Dialog and Transparency

We focus on initiatives that cultivate long-term relationships built on trust with all our stakeholders. This helps generate shared value and improve our businesses.

Socio-Environmental Risks and Opportunities

We focus on initiatives that generate business opportunities and reduce socio-environmental risks, considering both market trends and stakeholder needs.

At Itaú, we are concerned with protecting our customers and investors, which we accomplish using our Socio-Environmental Assessment System. For more information, see our Sustainability Report 2017.

Financial Literacy

We focus on initiatives designed to ensure that our customers are financially sound, providing them with information and identifying services that meet their needs.

Learn more about our initiatives.

We focus on initiatives designed to ensure that our customers are financially sound, providing them with information and identifying services that meet their needs.

Business Advisory Program

We developed the Business Advisory Program in order to impart knowledge to the SME segment—a key segment not only for Itaú but also for the country—and complement our offering of financial services with initiatives that add value to our customers. Offered from May to August, this program targeted SME customers from several branches in Santiago, Valparaíso and Concepción.

The course content was divided into four workshops (one each month) on the following topics: tax legislation, accounting and finance, business models and responsible borrowing. Review the content of each module here.

Press Training

We created the Press Training project in 2017 in order to provide tools, clarify doubts about the financial market and support the field of journalism, and consequently improve society’s understanding of the economic world. The project invites select journalists to a series of presentations from speakers from diverse areas of the bank and outside institutions.

In 2018, the program's second year, more than 30 journalists from several major media outlets attended these financial literacy talks. Presenters included the Chairman of Santiago Exchange, Juan Andrés Camus; the CFO of Itaú, Gabriel Moura; the Macroeconomic Coordinator and Chief Advisor for the Ministry of Finance, Hermann González; and the Dean of the School of Economics and Business at Universidad de Chile and former president of the Central Bank of Chile, José De Gregorio.

Our Causes

Our commitment to serve as an agent of change leads us to provide support for important causes such as urban mobility, culture, sports and education, through sponsorships, alliances and projects that benefit the community.




Urban Mobility






The Environment and Society

Learn more about our initiatives

We believe that sports help improve people's lives because of the dual physical and emotional benefits they provide.

At Itaú, we are the official sponsors of the Chilean National Soccer Team because we know that sports, and particularly soccer, bring people together to rally for a cause, which can be transformative for the entire country.

#BiciEscuelita Itaú

The road safety-education program, Ciclo Recreo Vía, closes off several main streets in the Metropolitan Region for recreational and educational use on the weekends. We take advantage of this initiative to offer a bike school for children known as #BiciEscuelita.

The school consists of a bike circuit along Av. Costanera Andrés Bello, between Pedro de Valdivia and Ricardo Lyon, where small children can learn to ride their bikes with help from counselors. Kids that have mastered their riding skills can learn more about traffic rules and signs.

The circuit, which also features a rest area and provides free water, runs on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and is open to the general public, including bank customers and non-customers.

In addition to providing the infrastructure for the circuit, Itaú loans helmets to any children that need them.

Through this initiative, Itaú upholds its commitment to promoting urban mobility and fostering projects that have a positive impact on quality of life.

Over 500 children between the ages of 3 and 9 “graduated” from the Bici Escuelita last summer. The program will resume in 2018 (January to April) to reach more children.

Experiencia Empresa

Experiencia Empresa is an educational orientation program that introduces participants to the job world. Its main objective is to expose at-risk students to the reality and challenges of the job market facing them once they graduate from a technical-professional institute.

The program offers students between the ages of 15 and 17 in the first year of their specialty program (11th grade) at select institutes a two-week, mini-internship at Itaú. During their time at the bank, the students work in their specialty area and have all the rights and responsibilities of a hired employee. They are supervised by a bank employee that volunteers to mentor them.

Lee para un Niño

At Itaú, we are aware of the important role reading plays in forming citizens with critical thinking skills. Therefore, we have developed the “Lee para un Niño” program to encourage reading in children ages three to seven living in at-risk conditions.

In order to create a space for them to become fascinated with reading, bank volunteers engage in reading-related activities at numerous educational centers and shelters. While there, the volunteers spend time with the children and read to them in a playful setting that enables the kids to construct their own stories, create, imagine, learn, get to know other realities and make sense of their day-to-day experiences.


Culture has the power to transform moments and emotions. It provides identity and a sense of belonging, which is why, at Itaú, we sponsor initiatives or events that help change people's lives, society and the country for the better.

Agreement with Chilenter

In 2017 we signed a collaborative agreement with Chilenter, a non-profit foundation that fosters technology education and social use. Through this partnership, we are involved in several initiatives to recycle electronic waste.

In 2017, we recycled a total of 3,274 kilos of electronic waste and during 2018 thus far, we have recycled over seven tons.

Certificate of Donated Computer Waste 2017